(september 22)
We went to church today, but it was not a normal day, it was Stake Conference.
So we didn’t had classes, we only had to watch a 2 hour movie.
When we got home we had a lazy day! I also wanted to share this picture with you, It was at Mo Ranch, I had a great time there!


Then school began again, I got my US History grade back, an 80!! Didn’t know HOW I did it? I guessed all of my answers, so I just had luck haha!
When I got home I did my homework, we ate dinner (pasta carbonara with salad). It was really good!

2013-09-23 19.21.29

Then Dad, Emily and I made chocolate chip cookies! I had sooo much fun doing this, Emily and I just went crazy!

2013-09-23 21.37.30

2013-09-23 21.38.12

2013-09-23 21.44.02

The next day, I went to school and when I got home we went shopping (mom and I)
I bought some cute things! A grey shirt with diamonds, a grey pants with a flower print on it, a blue cardigan and a darkblue joggingpants.

2013-09-24 17.29.47

2013-09-24 18.04.15

When we went home, my Mom’s package was there! YAY! More jodenkoeken, clothes, cleaning stuff, hagelslag, muisjes, creamsauce for pasta and deodorant (spray) because they don’t have that here.

2013-09-24 16.48.47

After dinner Beverly Thomas came over (My 2nd IEC) it was really good to see her again and talk to her about my experiences I had throughout these weeks here in America.

(25 september)
I didn’t felt good at all this morning at school and it went worse every hour. So at lunch I went to the nurse, had a low fever and a little bit of a high blood pressure. I layed down to rest for an hour but it didn’t get any better so I called mom to pick me up from school.
I went straight to bed and catched some sleep.

The next day I slept in, and at 1:30 I went to the doctor, it probably is because I have some allergies.
I am not used to all of this in America, and the weather changes, so that was probably the problem. I got antibiotics.
When we went home I just layed down and get figured out my iPad. It wasn’t working with my Dutch apple ID so I had to make an American one, but that was more trouble than I thought it would be. After an hour calling with Apple my problem was finally fixed!
Then we ate dinner, and I worked on my blog.

I had a great time with Elizabeth Kuntz btw, so this is a cute picture that Bryan took when I was there with Fan and Michelle!

I want to share this with you, wrote it myself. It’s is my feeling about my exchange year so far <3 Being an exchange student is the most wonderful thing in life. You get to learn new people, new countries and new cultures. Travelling is the best thing I've ever did! I don't regret this choice at all! I can explain how it is, but you will never know, until you did it by yourself. But, I encourage all of you to do what your heart tells you! Follow your dreams, live your dreams and NEVER give up. You will get stronger from the bad and the good things that happen to you. You will get richer by all the experiences you go through. You will learn from all the people around you. You will love the life you have decided to live. The people here, aren't strangers, they are friends you just haven't met yet. The choice you take, by going on exchange, isn't a daily choice, it is a LIFECHANGING choice. It's a change, in culture, language, school, house, family, friends, simply everything. It is learning to trust. Trust strangers to be your new family or your new friends. It's great to feel the connection between you and your host family grow, Exchange is unbelievable, nothing like you expected, understanding, frustrating, growing up, the best year of your life. Exchange is falling in love, with this amazing and beautiful country. I also made this video from the beginning till now. I love to watch it and see what I already experienced. Hope you like it too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrQ9LAeFUNs IMG_0074

27 september, I slept in today, we had breakfast and I made some homework.
I also skyped with my amazing parents, brother and after that with my grandparents, miss them so much. <3 2013-09-27 21.09.15

In the evening we went out for dinner at Napoli’s with Donna & Roger! It was delicious and so nice to have familytime.

2013-09-27 18.15.18

2013-09-27 18.54.49

The next day, we slept in for a little while and we had the famous pancake-breakfast from dad!
We also went to the mall, and I bought 2 pairs of shoes, A girl can NEVER have enough shoes. One pair of Vans and flats.

2013-09-28 20.27.27

2013-09-28 20.26.14

for dinner we had steak, creamed corn and squas, typical Texas. but delicious!

Sunday we went to church and just had a lovely lazy day and had broccoli in hollandaise sauce (made me felt like home), steak
and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Monday it was school time again, my alarm didn’t went off so I missed the bus so Carol had to drive me to school. I didn’t miss much though.
After school I studied so much, I had 4 tests in 2 days.
I also got my Westlake High School ID, I am officially a westlake member now !

2013-10-03 22.50.22

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