Monday (16 september) I went to school, then made some homework when I got home, and then….
I got to pick a pair of cowgirl boots from Cavender’s for my birthday!! I have such a sweet second family!






I am sooooo happy with my Texan boots!



Then we went to the grocery store, and there was this Dutch thing.. BEEMSTER! I thought it was really funny to see that in Texas.



I got a lot of Happy (early) Birthday’s because it was already my birthday in The Netherlands!

(17 september) MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Today was the big day, My golden birthday in America! 17 on the 17th ! it was a great day, I wore my boots to school, and I had a Happy birthday balloon attached to my backpack haha.


Jasmine and I went on the bus to school (at the bus I got a little present from Suzy, so sweet)



and lots of people said happy birthday to me, much strangers, because I had that balloon. it was so funny
I also got a bag of candy from Paige, and Julie made a brownie for me!
When I got home my parents were waiting to skype with me, so were my grandparents.
My 2nd mother had all the gifts and birthday cards from the netherlands for me on the table when I got home.


While I was skyping with my parents, I packed out their present, SO SWEET. a necklace with a picture of Chanel on it and at the back this text: Happy Birthday, Love, Mom dad and melvin. Austin 2013. And I got money from them


Then my birthday cake, it was with a tulip candle, who went open and it sang a happy birthday song!


Then I skyped with my grandparents, it was so nice to talk to my family. After that we went out for dinner to The Cheesecake Factory!!







I got the pasta carbonara, it was delicious! Then I got this carrotcake as dessert, with Happy Birthday To You wrote on the plate and a candle!
The waitress also sang for me, it was really cute!



When we got home, I did my homework and we went to sleep. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS AMAZING AMERICAN BIRTHDAY!!
I had the best time, thanks <3 The next day I went to school, made my US History test and when I got home: homework, studying, homework and studying. IMG_0190


The next day I went to school and I had an algebra test today, it was pretty hard but I felt good about it!
I went home after school with Caitlyn, because she asked to interview me because I am an exchange student.
She is the head editor of the Featherduster (the school magazine). We took some pictures and did the interview, it was lots of fun!
In the evening I checked if my Algebra grade was online… yes it was.. a 91! I was sooo happy, an A AGAIN.
I never thought I was that good at math hihi

(September 20)
I went to school, had my English vocab test, and immediately got my grade, a 90! Next A! woohoo.
Then it was raining soooo hard, when I got to choir it was just terrible, but I went outside to get to choir, 12 seconds and I was soaking wet.
first I thought it was kind of funny, but then, all the classrooms were freezing cold. AND I was extremely wet, so it wasn’t funny at all.
When I got home I got some things ready for my little birthday party/sleepover! Then Jasmine, Paige and Susannah came over.
We ate pizza with soda


Then we watched Pocahontas and took some funny pictures, LOVEYOU GUYS

2013-09-22 16.53.32




Paige and Emily went to bed after the movie, and susannah,jasmine and I stayed up till 03:30 or something.
We had lots of fun, I also let them read some dutch stories, wauw! That’s the funniest thing EVER!! I laughed till I cried!

At 08;30 we got up and ate breakfast. Breakfast pancakes with bacon, nutella, butter and syrup. (not all together btw)



I got a cute nailpolish from Susannah, and from Jasmine I got body butter, body spray and a VISA giftcard with $25 dollars, so sweet!!
Then we went to the mall to look for a church dress for me, and we found 2 at Ann Taylor’s!
We got some really good deals so I am really happy with those two dresses! We also went to the candy store to get a little piece of chocolate, nomnom.

2013-09-22 16.54.15

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