(9 september) Today it was just a normal schoolday again.. after school I didn’t had to ride the bus because Carol was picking me and Emily up from school. Jasmine ride home with us too, and on our way home we went to Rita’s to get our cheque from our ad sales and I got a blendini snickers.


When we got home did some homework and we ate Chinese dinner, it was so good!

Tuesday I went to school and just had fun with Jasmine in the classes I am with her, she is amazing!


When day 2 was over, I went home and did homework, like every night..

Wednesday it was 9/11, and Kenny’s birthday. Just went to school, got home and did homework, studied for my US History test and ate dinner.
Then Emily and I just sing a little bit and did nothing. Then I went to bed

Thursday I went to school, and we had school pictures. And we get our iPads, finally! Then at choir we had to fit our choir dresses.
After school I went to the tennis center to get a ride home with emily and jasmine. I did homework for like 4,5 hours.. I was exhausted when I was finished. I had to study for my vocab quiz from English, and my algebra quiz.

Finally friday!! There were pep-rally’s, I met an exchange student from Germany there, Kyra. She was very nice!



Then I had my English vocab test, and I got an 85! After lunch I had my Algebra quiz. When I got home I did my homework and I looked online for my Algebra grade, a 91!! I was sooo extremely happy, my first A. Never thought I would get an A on math!
Then I called with my parents, it was good to talk to them.

Saturday we had a brunch/orientation meeting at Elizabeth Kuntz’s house. It was so good to see them again!
2 other exchange students were there, one from Norway and one from Germany. After the orientation we went to an outdoor mall.
We saw this weird car kind of thing with an older couple in it, it was so funny.



When we got home we watched a movie and ate icecream.

At sunday we first went to church,


When we got home I did some homework and I skyped with my parents and my little brother. After that I skyped with my grandparents,
it was really nice. I miss them a lot. Then 3 people came over for dinner (2 missionaries), it was fun and delicious!



And we had chocolate cake for dessert. Then I made my EF Video (it was for a competition, to get in the video series of EF. They will come to your house and film your experiences of your high school year abroad) It was SOOO much fun, I made it with Emily. I hope I will win this competition!

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