We had a big BBQ on Labor day, it was really cool!
A lot of people came over to our house and we eat hamburgers, hotdogs and desserts.
We also went in the pool to swim, it was a really lovely day!
This cake has the Dutch flag on it 😀 (actually it means the american flag colors but it’s in the order of the Dutch flag)


In the evening we went to the mall and I’ve bought some new things.
A straightener, a pair of sandals, a pair of heels for choir and 3 pair of new earrings.

2013-09-02 23.04.53

2013-09-02 23.19.18

2013-09-02 23.21.20

Tuesday I just went to school (dropped my physics finally, I am in an Englisch development class now) and after school we just chilled, cool-off from the extreme heat in the schoolbus, and we went grocery shopping in the evening.

Wednesday I went to school again and after school Carol picked Emily and me up from school to go to some stores.
I had to buy tan jazz shoes for dance, so we went to Dancer’s Closet. After that we did go by some stores to sell ads for our Westlake Choir.
When you sell ads, you can earn money for your Choir account. Which you can use for voice lessons, activities etc.
It earns really fast and it’s a great opportunity! When you sell a full page, which costs 500 dollars, you get 250 dollars.
Half a page costs 250, so you get 125, and a quarter page costs 125, so you get 62,5 dollars for in your Choir Account.

After that we went home and I cooked dinner! ” Farfalle ”. My favourite dinner which I cooked a lot back home in The Netherlands.
I love it! It is pasta with lettuce and sauce with chicken and bacon. My mom and sister liked it, yay!

2013-09-04 18.59.13

Thursday I met my ”little” Suzy at lunch, she is amazing! at choir I received her water bottle which was so cute.
this was the note she gave me with the water bottle full of candy

2013-09-05 17.02.31

When I got home I did my homework and then Carol and I ate taco’s! nomnomnom.

2013-09-05 18.53.36

Then we picked up Emily from tennis, went to H-E-B to get some things for Mo Ranch and at home we packed all our stuff.

The next morning I went to seminary for the first time with Emily, we ate breakfast it was really fun!
At school I had an English vocabulary Quiz and a test for Algegbra. At 2, we went to the busses for Mo Ranch. There were 7 busses!
I was in bus 3 with 2 of my 3 roommates. After almost 3 hours we finally arrived at Mo Ranch. first we went to our place where we slept.
We were in the hotelrooms, that were really nice rooms!! We have this room with the 4 of us. Susannah, Rachel, Sarah and I.



Then we checked in with our chaperone and ate some dinner. After dinner we went to the auditorium where everybody came together and get in their squads. I am in squad caveman, so my little Suzy. We did some games and have to do our thing on stage. Then we were free to do something, Suzy and I went back to our place. I practiced a little bit for my song for the talentshow. (American Honey-Lady Antebellum)
Me and my LOVELY LITTLE SUZY <3 2013-09-08 16.23.03

Saturday morning we had to get up early for breakfast (7:30-8:30), then we chilled at Loma Linda and then I met my little for lunch. Then I met Melissa, because she also wanted to do american honey, so the idea of G.R (who plays the guitar for us) was that we do a duet. So we practiced for the very first day at the same day as the talentshow. It worked out so well! It was great! I got so much compliments about my voice, it was so awesome! Everybody is so sweet and supportive. Then we went back to our dorms because we had to get ready for MoLympics.


2013-09-08 00.34.49

2013-09-06 19.17.40

At MoLympics we did games like: passing an orange with your chin, and you can not touch it with your hands. it was really difficult but so funny!
we also had a mud fight, sponge throwing, sliding, swimming a canoe game and pictures. we were so dirty after that. Then we had dinner at the river, BBQ. When we were ready with dinner we went to our dorms to get ready for the talentshow. everybody came in our room and helped each other getting dressed, we sang and we did each others makeup.

The talentshow was from 8 till 11 pm. When we were on our way to the auditorium it began to rain and there was a thunderstorm coming up. But we were inside 🙂

2013-09-08 17.07.10

There were all these people in this place with a great attitude, all love to sing.


Just a great environment to be in! Everybody was awesome, so supportive and exciting about each other. Our performance was really great, although I made a little mistake but A LOT of people came to me after the song to hug me and compliment me about how good I was. That really MADE MY DAY!!
Even strangers came up to me and were so enthusiastic, it was just GREAT. I am so honored. Then we had the Mo Down, a dance where you may participate in, you don’t have to but I wanted to, because I never experienced it.

With my host sister Emily and Suzy


It was a great and awesome but busy day!

The next morning we had to pack all our stuff, get to breakfast and then to Loma Linda and hang out and sang.
We had awards at 11:00, which were awards like: Mo King and Queen, Mo New, Mo Prince, Mo Princess and so forth. Then we sang The Lord Bless You And Keep You in a big circle. I love choir! When we got to the busses, I was with Sarah (one of my roommates) and the first hour at the bus we talked a lot, I told her a lot about The Netherlands and then we fell asleep. at 03:00 we finally arrived at Westlake.


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