I went to school today, had my US History test and it went really well. When we got home we took a nap, got Mac ‘n cheese for dinner
and then we went to Amy’s icecream! The BEST! of course, it is in the name.
I had Vanilla with snickers.

2013-10-08 19.47.04

2013-10-08 19.31.41

2013-10-08 19.31.36

It was much fun to go out with the family !

The next day, school again.
Here some pictures with my girlie Jasmine!

2013-10-10 16.10.26-1

2013-10-11 16.58.40

2013-10-11 21.49.02

I also got my US History grade back, a 96! I’ve never been so happy in my whole life! A big fat A!
Never thought in my life that i could get an A in history, I thought I was bad at it.. well, I proved myself wrong.

the 11th I went to school and after school it was finally weekend! (Longer weekend because it was columbus day at monday)
We celebrated the weekend, Rick, Carol and I went to firebowlcafé and ate chinese, it was really good!

2013-10-11 19.21.58

2013-10-11 19.25.39

Then we went to the movie Blue Jasmine, which was really good! I love those days of going out!

Saturday I skyped with my parents, i miss them <3 After that we went shopping to get my homecoming dress!! (Carol, Emily and I) I am showing it to y'all when it is homecoming. We went to macy's and dillards, after trying on like 12 dresses, I finally got THE dress. I also bought really cute Steve madden earrings 2013-10-13 14.39.10

When we got home we watched West side story. That is going to be the musical this year at Westlake High School. I am excited!

Sunday we went to church and just had a relaxing day the rest of the day.
Monday we had an exrta day off, TOO GOOD ! We had ”spekpannenkoeken” for breakfast!
Then I just relaxed and went to the mall at 1:30 with Emily and Paige. Carol dropped us off. We went to garage, forever 21,
macy’s, cotton on and had a little lunch at the food court from Chick-fil-A. I bought this :

2013-10-14 16.14.27

2013-10-15 19.36.28

2013-10-15 19.36.50

2013-10-15 19.37.00

2013-10-15 19.37.14

2013-10-15 19.38.07

2013-10-15 19.38.30

When we got home we ate pizza and icecream and Jasmine came over for a little while. We put on our homecoming dresses and just had so much fun.
I love my girls !

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