November 8

Went to school, had pep-rally schedule and after school I drove home with my sister because she has a license now!
So much better than taking the bus! When we got home Kennedy came over and we went to Target to go shopping.
I bought a scarf, 2 blouses and boots.

2013-11-09 12.03.42

2013-11-09 12.05.10

Saturday I slept in, skyped with my mom and dad and helped my dad in the garden for a little while.
At 5, me and mom went to the choir concert at school which was really nice.

2013-11-09 17.08.56

2013-11-09 17.29.32

When we got home we had dinner and then Emily and I went to the church dance with 4 wards.
Fan was there also, with another exchange student, it was really good to see her again!

2013-11-09 21.19.03

2013-11-09 21.19.05

2013-11-09 22.51.25

Sunday we went to church and then relaxed at home for like the entire day.

November 11

Veterans day, Bless all those people!! This song is beautiful : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH61hFsma24
We did an assemblie with our choir, which was amazing!

November 13

Went to school and after school I drove home with Emily and my package was finally there! My simcard was in there, So I could finally go to the Apple store for a new phone! We ate dinner really fasy, I packed my stuff together for the dance concert, and then Mom and I went to the mall and I bought an Iphone 5c. Worked for this all summer and I am soooo happy!

2013-11-14 18.51.17

2013-11-14 18.51.36

2013-11-14 18.51.52

Then we went straight to the high school for ”Spotlight” the dance performance. I got really on time so I had the time to do my stagemakeup. Layers of foundation, a lot of blush, dark eyes, red lipstick and a high ponytail with lots of hairspray haha.
I was number 15 on the list of 16 dances so I was able to sit in the audience with my mom to see the other dances for a while.
When I had to go up I was really nervous but the rest of my group was very nervous also, but we did good! I really liked it!
Even though I am in dance 1, it is a really cool experience.

2013-11-13 20.41.27-1

Friday I bought a Westlake choir sweatshirt at school yay, It is so comfortable and now I have something to remember when I am back at home.

2013-11-15 18.06.29-1

I also ordered a Spotlight DVD to show everyone back at home what dance is like at Westlake High school.
Paige came over at night and we watched Modern Family for the whole evening.

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