This week I skyped with my host family for the first time, although I was pretty nervous!
It was very special to see each other for the first time,after only having had mail contact.

I think I have an amazing host family!

When I fly to Austin, I first live with my IEC (International Exchange Coordinator) and her family for 2 weeks because my host family is on a vacation.
My IEC is Elizabeth Kuntz and her husband is called Bryan Kuntz.
This is their family!

family photo Christmas 2012

My host family consists of : Carol and Frank Richard Call and their 4 kids : Anson (21), Elder Kenneth (19), Katie (17) and Emily (15).
Anson is at college, Elder is on a 2 year-mission for their church, Katie is going to college soon after I arrive and Emily is on the Westlake High School.

This is my Hostfamily !

2013-07-11 17.05.01

And of course, my family at Vlieland. This was last year at a dinner with my grandmother and grandfather also!


I also want to share my flight information with you. I will fly on the 7th of August, but we have to leave at the 6th and sleep in a hotel, because the ferry doesn’t go in the night.
I will fly at 07:15 AM from Amsterdam, Schiphol to Frankfurt, Germany. Then I will fly to Chicago, US ( where I have to wait 5 hours until my next flight), and then my last flight to Austin.
All together it will be a 20-hour travel..

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