Now that I have all the information regarding my High School Year Abroad in Texas,
I made pictures that show where I live and where I attended school.
It’s a HUGE difference.

There were 46 students at my whole school on Vlieland. In my class were only 16 people.
On Westlake High, there are over 2000 students!!

I will be in the 11th grade, which is called ‘Juniors’.
The choice of classes at westlake high school, is nothing like in The Netherlands!
You have LOTS of classes, it’s overwhelming!

On the left side you see my house and my School on Vlieland and on the right you see Westlake High School.


As you can see, I must travel by ferry to the mainland. In the wintertime the ferry departs 2 times per day.
And in the summer it departs 3 times per day. The trip from Vlieland to the mainland takes 1,5 hour.

On this picture you see the route from Vlieland to Harlingen with the ferry, and the route from Harlingen to Amsterdam, Schiphol.


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