Wednesday I went to my first appointment at the chiropractor, and he literally tortured me,
never thought I could have that much pain. But it will get better in 3-4 appointments so lets think about that.

Friday we got out of school, had a really quick dinner because Amelia invited us to go to the movies.
We went to the galleria and got my favorite: amy’s icecream

2014-01-17 19.38.25

After that we went to the movie ”Ride Along” with Kevin Hart, it was so funny!
Then we went to Amelia’s house and watched another movie, ordered pizza and I finally got reunited with cats again.
literally no one has cats in America, so I was really happy.

2014-01-17 22.29.08-2

2014-01-17 22.30.01-1

At 12 we went home, great beginning of a long weekend I think!

Saturday we could sleep in and at 6 my little, Suzy came over.
We had so much fun! Ordered pizza, watched movies, painted nails and more.
She is such a sweety.

Monday we had another day off, and we went shopping for some things
we also saw this beauty

2014-01-20 17.32.02

Monday I just went to school and studied after school.
I made this ”memory wall” in my room to see how good life is everyday.

2014-01-20 22.42.23

And of course, when I come back from America I need to start a new education.
So I went searching again.. I am already searching for 2 years and it is so difficult because I don’t like anything.
But this time, I actually had success! I was the happiest person ever when I found something that sounded interesting to me.
It is: Graphic Media Design (Grafisch vormgever-MBO). So I started to work on my portfolio (drawings, photoshop projects, InDesign projects etc) It is so cool because I am in Interactive Media this year, and we are working with photoshop and indesign. So it matches perfectly!

Hopefully I can come in this school in June, when my intake is. I am gonna leave ”Friesland” and I am probably going to Groningen, or to Zwolle.

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