February 15

Had the usual pancake breakfast this morning. Cleaned the garage with Emily during the day,
and at night we (dad, emily and me) went out for dinner at Tres Amigos which was really good as always!

2014-01-25 20.19.40

Sunday we went to church and had a lot of people over for dinner which was nice. the rest of that day was kind of relaxed,
watched movies and sent in applications for my new school in holland. And of course, homework and some studying.

Monday & tuesday were just boring schooldays. At wednesday I got sick so I stayed home that day and thursday too.
Friday I went back to school and during my choir period, we had to practice for solo and ensemble. That is sort of a competition for yourself. You go and prepare a song, and perform it in front of a judge, and you get a score. 1,2,3 etc. (number 1 is the best).

After my practice, my choir director made me sing in front of the solo and ensemble group, which was really awkward but kind of cool though.
He was very positive about my voice and he never thought that so that was awesome to hear.
Everybody came up to me to compliment me, to hug me etc. it was so neat!!

2014-03-04 21.20.28

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