Saturday Feb 1st.

Went to musical practice from 9-1 and we had a lot of social time.
I love all the people from choir, I am gonna miss it like CRAZY!

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After practice, me and Emily helped mom with making graffiti walls for in the lobby at school, it was fun!
Then Jasmine came over and we watched movies, sang, danced, played some basketball and she spent the night. I love days like that!


Monday we first had school

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We had our first musical dress rehearsal and it was lots of fun.
It is beginning to look very real and I am more than excited !
Tuesday we had musical practice after school again, Wednesday was our last dress rehearsal before the real show.
The PAC (Performing Arts Center) of our school, was all sold out for all of the nights (3 days). The PAC holds about 1200 people.
So, it was pretty cool that it was all sold out, and really quickly too!

Thursday, right after school we changed into our costumes, did our hair and makeup and then it was time to rock the musical!
West Side Story.. everybody was so excited, and before every show we did ”Circle” which was awesome.

These 2 girls, the Lyssy twins are the most amazing people I have met here in America.
They are the sweetest girls ever, and I am so glad that I know them. I love you guys, I will never forget you!

2014-02-07 17.19.10-1

Also at the show, we heard that school was cancelled for Friday, so that was pretty relaxed again!
We rocked the first night of the show, it was so cool to stand on that stage (even though it was really short) and see all those people enjoy what we are doing. Also, a big shoutout to the leads, they all worked so hard for this. The past few weeks was musical musical musical. nothing else. I have so much respect for all of them, you guys were great!

Friday we didn’t had school so we relaxed, and at 5 we went to school for the second show of West Side Story.

I had a blast, thank you ALL for making this year more than PERFECT for me!





I got this from my American parents, they are the best family ever! Couldn’t wish for a better host family!

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