Today (thursday 22th) we went to the outlet mall in San Marcos, and I bought a supercute backpack from Vera Bradley, I love it!


After walking around the malls, we went to a river to tube !
We were with a group of 6 exchange students, my IEC, my host mom and my host sister, it was a lot of fun!

The next day, I went to school for an 3 hour long orientation meeting for new students at Westlake High School.
After the orientation, Katie picked me up and walked my schedule with me.

My schedule is ;
First period: English 3. Second period: Interactive media. Third period: Dance. Fourth period: US History.
Fifth period: Lunch. Sixth period: Choir. Seventh period: Algebra 2. Eighth period: Physics.
The school is so extremely huge! Then we went to the mall to pick up Emily.
In the evening we had a wedding reception. We had as dinner, Texan BBQ.

2013-08-22 20.01.32

We made family pictures over there, love those!

2013-08-22 20.19.50

Sunday we went to the church in the morning. Katie curled my hair, thankyouuuu katie <3 2013-08-25 08.35.08

2013-08-25 08.16.59

When we went home, Katie packed all her stuff for going to college.
around 4 she left. It was a sad idea that I see her again at Thanksgiving.. that is 3 months of waiting!

Then I met the neighbour across the street who is also at westlake high school.
it was really fun to meet her and hang out with her and Emily.
I am looking forward to be in classes with her! When she left I packed my things for my first schoolday!
in the evening we ate some home made bread by Frank with butter and honey, hmmm.

2013-08-25 19.14.46

I was extremely nervous, but everyone was so positive in speaking to me about school, so that helped a lot.
My first class was English, we did an introduction of yourself and a little quiz. Then I had interactive media and met a girl who is in choir also !
Then I had dance, also an introduction how it is gonna be. Then I had lunch, I had the same lunch period as my host sister Emily so we lunched together.
after lunch i had algebra 1, unfortunately I am in a freshman class, because I never had algebra before. Then I had choir, we are the biggest choir this year! Then US history and physics at the last period. It was a chaotic, but fun day! Hello more fun days at westlake!

And, another funny story. Amy had to miss the bus from school to home.. ofcourse!
Here are some pictures of the school

2013-08-26 16.13.29

2013-08-26 16.46.02

2013-08-26 16.13.06

2013-08-26 11.32.10

2013-08-26 11.31.12

The last 2 days were kind of like, normal days. I just went to school, had nice classes and some less nice classes.
I have a hard time understanding physics, algebra and US history. Especially because everything is in another language than I am used to.
I hope I will be able to get a tutor, or switch to another class.
Today (28th) We were finally singing our first song in choir, I love choir already!!
Tonight I have been busy with a lot of homework, and also this project for English.
We had to write down a quote which is important to you and kind of relevant in your own life.
This was my quote, plus my incredibly creative creation haha!
The 29th was just a normal schoolday.
at 08:00 with the schoolbus, then at 16:15 with the schoolbus again, and home at 16:45

2013-08-30 08.29.27

2013-08-30 08.29.22

and at Friday, there was a pep rally. I thought it was amazing to be part of that!
Never saw something like that and it was so cool!

2013-08-30 09.41.12

Saturday morning we ate buttermilk pancakes <3 2013-08-31 10.00.35

Then we went to costco, you can buy anything over there!!



And they have a lot of samples of food and drinks, so you can try everything.
After shopping all the stuff for the BBQ on Labor day, we had some lunch there.
Chicken Ceasar Salad with Mtn Dew, nomnomnom.

2013-08-31 13.47.20

When we got home, Emily and I made some burgers for monday. we had so much fun!

2013-08-31 16.39.33

2013-08-31 19.15.42

2013-08-31 16.40.05

In the evening we picked up Carol from the airport, we were all glad that she was home again!
When we drove to the airport, I made a picture from what you see ALL THE TIME.
American or Texas flags. Everywhere!

2013-09-01 07.30.31

Sunday morning, we went to the church and when we got home we had just a lazy sunday!
We watched like 2 or 3 movies haha. It was fun though!

This is our dog Bailey

2013-09-01 13.44.18

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