After we came back from camping, we picked up Fan in the evening. (another exchange student who lives at my IEC)
When we drove back home, we were laughing so much, because we had a little bit of sleep.
I was hyperactive, and we had sooo much fun.

The next day we went to the Round Rock High School to register Fan, and in the evening we went to a baseball game.
First we ate at Salt Lick BBQ.

2013-08-15 17.37.06

2013-08-15 17.36.56

Then we went crazy and over enthusiastic before the baseball game!!

2013-08-15 21.31.12


2013-08-15 21.06.05

it was an amazing experience, now I can check it from my to-do list in the USA 🙂




After the game we went back home in the rain and eat some delicious BlueBell icecream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough <3 012


I am going to my hostfamily at Sunday! So excited to finally meet them!

Today (Friday the 16th) we went SHOPPING!! at round rock outlet malls, yeaaaah!
I went all crazy because I missed those outlet malls so bad!
I could spend my whole day shopping in outlets like that.





The next day we went to the mall to get some things, and in the evening Elizabeth and Bryan made this wonderful Dutch dinner for me: Boerenkool.
It did taste different, but it was delicious, thank you!!
In the evening I’ve been busy with packing all my stuff together and put it in my suitcases.
The next morning we went to the church, so we all dressed up!


Me and Liz took some pictures before I was going to my hostfamily



I had a great time with the Kuntz family, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 Then we went to my host family, finally ! I had a great arrival, they had a delicious welcome to Texas dinner and a beautiful Welcome Amy cake for me. loved it! 2013-08-18 18.11.15

after dinner we watched a movie.
The next day, Katie and I went downtown Austin to Magnolia café to eat breakfast with a couple of her friends.
When we were driving downtown, we were shocked, because there was an accident almost in front of us.
Somebody was hit by a huge truck. It was really sad andAfter the fire department, police and everything came, we went to Magnolia’s.

After breakfast we went to the mall to get a new bathingsuit for me and some other things. After bringing all the stuff home,
Emily, Carol and I went to another kind of mall and then we went to Westlake High School.
Then we got dinner and after that Katie, Emily and I watched a movie again.

Today I went to Westlake High School in the morning because I had to make a test for my English level.
Later that day, Katie and I were looking for a USB cable for my camera, we went to 5 or 6 different stores and they all didn’t had it.
It was kind of frustrating haha. When we got home, without my cable, we watched a movie AGAIN.

The next day we went to Walmart and they had my cable, yaay! On our way home we went to Turchy’s tacos to get a delicious taco.

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