This is my last week in The Netherlands, so I began to start packing my suitcases.
I get an airporter from my parents, and I love it!

2013-07-30 21.58.24

I also ordered a new iPhone case, designed by myself 🙂

2013-08-01 23.17.30

I really really love it! I feel already american, and I am not even there yet!
Tomorrow, (Saturday 3th) I have my goodbye party.
I will miss my friends so much, we will make it an awesome and unforgettable goodbye!

So, I had my goodbye party yesterday. It was amazing!! Thanks to my wonderful parents who bought amazing American gifts for me, and decorated the whole garden in American style, love you guys!

2013-08-03 16.28.37

2013-08-03 15.55.40

2013-08-03 15.55.00

2013-08-03 15.53.32

Now it’s coming really really close.. 3 days and then I will be in the plane on my way to Texas.

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