Tuesday after school, me and Connor had the Spring Revue audition and it went really well.
It was fun to be able to do this and show off what we got.

Friday, at night, Katie & Anson arrived back home from college. It was so good to have them home again!!

Saturday we had pancake breakfast and worked in the garden to get it pretty and all done for Mo Prom.
At 6, everybody arrived here. Kelly Larson made the dinner and it was so good!

2014-04-26 18.44.53




2014-04-26 19.44.38


And yeah, I got the BEST date of all. Look at this 🙂

2014-04-27 00.19.13

2014-04-26 20.04.24

2014-04-26 20.13.44

2014-04-27 00.20.57


Here are some pictures of me and emily and our dates at the dance.



2014-04-26 21.06.03

It was so much fun!!

Monday I went to school, still no results of Spring Revue but after school we went to Tylers and I bought some stuff

2014-04-28 22.42.16

2014-04-28 22.42.23

2014-04-28 22.42.35

2014-04-28 22.42.45

After that we went to Rudy’s with the family, omnomnomnom.

The next day it was just a normal schoolday and at night we went out at Chili’s.

Wednesday after school, me and Katie had some bonding time. We went out and went to torchy’s tacos etc.
It was a great girls night out!

I also have a really good story about an exchange year, it’s worth to read it.
And of course, ESL class peeps! Love y’all!

2014-04-22 11.13.26

2014-04-25 11.40.32

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