Monday and Tuesday of this week were just boring, but Wednesday we had the Austin Musical Awards.
It was fun to dress up cute and go with a bunch of people out of my choir.
We got nominated for 7 awards and evenutally won one.
It was awesome to see other schools perform songs out of their musical, we enjoyed it !

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2014-04-17 23.36.45

Friday it was good friday so it was like almost empty at school.
Saturday me and Emily went to her spring revue audition practice and took some bluebonnets pictures, she is so pretty!

2014-04-19 17.45.41

After dinner we went to the movie ”Heaven is for real”.

HAPPY EASTER!! Slept in for a while, had practice with Connor and went to church.
Then around 6 we had dinner at our place with the Rogers and Lee with his daughter. It was fun to see them again!
Then we went to Kelly Larson’s home because her daughter just got back from a mission. There was a Dutch guy and I talked to him.
It was so weird to change my language all of a sudden, but it was cool because he was from Leeuwarden.

Monday I went to school and after school Nikki Lyssy came home with us. She is one of the sweetest people I have met over here!
She interviewed me for The school Newspaper, The Featherduster. I enjoyed getting to know her better and if y’all would like to read my story, here it is:


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