I am Amy Matser, 16 years old and I live on the island Vlieland in The Netherlands.
I am one of the luckiest people in the world who may do an exchange year in America.

It took pretty long to wait for all the information after my application. I know since a few weeks, that I am going to Austin, Texas.
I will be with an amazing hostfamily who has 4 children, and also loves music! I do realize I am very very very lucky!

I will attend Westlake High School in Austin, which has choirs, where I will participate in.
I am so looking forward to this! I get this opportunity, to go to a beautiful country, experience new things,
learn about their culture, and having a new family, that is so great! Therefore, I want to thank my parents. I love you!

I am so excited to go, I can’t wait. The biggest shock will probably be, the food, the size of the country, and that there are over 2000 students at my High School.
That is almost twice as much as the inhabitants of Vlieland. But I will, together with my amazing host family, make it a memorable year!

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