On this Help-page I will explain the way this website is built and how to navigate wisely.

On the Home-Page you can find info about me and on the botton of the page on the left side, You see the link: Help, which brings You to this page.

Directly beneath the header on every page, you see the menubar, which gives You the option to directly jump to a specific week in a certain month. The options in the menu-bar that have a sub-level can not be chosen itself, only the subsequent levels in it.

Only the menu-items that have no sublevels in it, are directly clickable. Until now this is only the case at the Home-Page.
On page END I have made the following subpages:


In the Guestbook, You can leave Your comments. After I have reviewed them, they will be placed on this page.

On the Endpage I will leave my own comments, after I have returned to the Netherlands in July 2014.

On the Links-page I have placed some interesting links, and if I find new interesting sites, I will add more.

On the Edited-page, You can quickly see which pages have been updated most recently, so that You never miss anything.

The Help-page, is the one You are reading now.

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